The armies of Archangel Michael are our Allies in Battle
...A brotherhood as "Friends of God"
Home of the Order of the Culdee, Order of the Gate of the Temple of Jerusalem, Order of Melchizedek and for Saint Michaels Abbey
We are just friends who are Bikers, Herders and Artisans and migrate in the 4-corners area.
+David "Padre" Michael H. Smith, OC, MEd, MS, DD, ThD
St Michaels Abbey, PO Box 464, Tombstone, AZ. 81211

Papal Reestablishment
         We have existed for over 1000 years and were reaffirmed in 1986 within the Personal Prelature of Pope John Paul II as a Syro-Chaldean jurisdiction that included Jerusalem known as the Catholic Apostolic Church / International Ordinariate.    With the Apostolic Seal of Bishop Mar John Dunnigan who then serving under Pope John Paul II in good standing, we were given the name,  "Order of the Gate" of the Temple of Jerusalem. Thus, we have been in recent history reaffirmed by the papacy as having the continued mission as Templars.      
         However, we do not consider this favor necessary nor are we mandated to submit to current Papal authority today since this personal Papal Prelature faded with the passing of Pope John Paul II.  
Hereditary Templar
        One precedent justifying this Papal recognition is in that David was born into a long paternal line of Templars dating back to the third Crusade when his forefather Prince Michael served under King Richard I as his Standard Bearer in the Crusades.    
        History tells us that during the siege of Acre, Prince Michael and some companions forced their way into Acre and opened the gates for Richard I to claim victory. The city of Acre be
came the last stronghold held by the Templars in the Middle East just before all Crusaders were forced into exile from Palestine by Sala Din.  

Established Templars in England
         In the 13th century, the Carrington-Smyth Templar Knights became the Lord's Carringtons from which David directly descends with Sir William Smyth reestablishing the first Commandery and Temple
known as Cressing Temple in Essex in England in 1399 after the papal disgrace of the Templars in France. One might say we today are the only hereditary family of Templars embracing a Syro-Chaldean Rite once recognized by Pope John Paul II in honoring the See of Jerusalem in prayerfully protecting the Temple (site/gate) in who have retained a long Templar family legacy in Palestine and England.

Kingdom of Calalus in AZ
      David's family living in America since 1640's is now reclaiming the Israelite Kingdom of Calalus in SE Arizona that existed circa 775-1000 AD.   This land cliam has been documented long before any other known European land claim in long predating the existence of the Templars. The area is now being occupied by our Order centered out of Bowie, AZ with the establishment of St Michaels Abbey in Bowie, AZ.   We are also known as the VII Legion as revealed to us by the archangels of YHWH. 
Empress of Holy Roman Empire
      In addition to the affirmation of Pope John Paul II, HIRH  Lynda Von Habsburg, Empress of the Holy Roman Empire now living in exile having been crowned Empress by the papacy in the 1960's has graced us with her favor and remains a friend and Royal Patron to us to this day.   We have received a letter from her in support of our Culdee priesthood and our claim for the titler bishopric of the Isle of Iona in Scotland with liberty to minister throughout the historic lands of the Holy Roman Empire including Israel.

Lord Bishop of Hawa (Hava)
        David has continued his faith in service to YHWH and was Consecrated the Lord Bishop of Hawa (Hawaii) in 2000 with Apostolic lines to the Eastern Church of Antioch (Syro-Chaldean) and to Russia.  He was also invited to serve as a Lord Spiritual among the Hereditary Templars of Britannia but could not accept this honor for various reasons.          
       It is the belief of our Order that one day we as the 7th Legion army of YHWH will return to the Holy Land along with many Israelites as our brothers to bring peace to a land torn by greed and misguided religious fanatics.  This may be sooner than most people schooled in gnosis may expect.

Prince of the Dunes
        In a recent dream-vision given to Abbot David clarified his role in the soon coming apocolypse in America.  Many refugees will flee the cities seeking safety, food and water.  It is to the desert that we shall be awaiting to serve the needs of the holy people of YHWH with Abbot David was called, "Windwalker... "Prince of the Ephrati...Priest of the Chaldeans" by YHWH in this dream-vision..

Online Prophecies, Dreams and Visions from the Templar Prophets

now in the Prophets two-book series recently published.  
Book 3 Prophecies (New Unpublished)

Bowie and Tombstone
Well it is happening.  Templar friends are gathering in Tombstone and soon in Bowie AZ for MC rides and campouts to prepare for the missions of the Templar Prophets given to us by YHWH himself.

Some friends are being called into the 7th Legion of YHWH and being prepared as an army to go anywhere and do anything he would ask of us.  We are led by his priests and prophets with the Holy Scriptures.  

I have moved everything including a 1976 old school bus to SE Arizona in early July.  It ran great for the 750 mile run from CO to AZ.  The school bus will become our mobile command base for various missions.  It will be fitted with cooking, shower, toilet and some sleeping capabilities in additon to hosting our Base radio system.   In addition to HAM capabilites, it will also support the Citezens Band (CB) radio systems.  

Contact us to join us on the next ride.  

Obese Harleys
The problem as I see it is Harleys have become too heavy for off-road use. From the late 1960's into the present era, the Harley has become so heavy that it is strictly a highway riding bike meant for good roads only.   Back in the day (LOL), the Harley was taken most anywhere including the sand dunes, deserts, into forests and where ever.  it was bobbed and chopped to make it lighter.  It was used extensively by the US Military for missions all over the world on various challenging  terrains.  

The sad reality is we are soon facing a day when the open road will be broken up with military armed road blocks every few miles as the NWO/UN takes over America under Martial Law. This is the time when you will wish you had a bike that could make a hard right turn through a ditch and then shoot out into the desert through the cactus (best to go around the cactus) to evade such unconstitutional deterrents in travel.  

If you do not want to mess with your shiny Harley that you show off to all of your friends and rev up at every stop light, then get an old Vulcan or Harley Sportster or some other bike that you can modify as a desert bike.  Turn the bike into a prepper bike with ways to carry all that is needed for survival in the desert in both summer and winter.  Or ... just continue riding your obese bike and be stopped and searched at every roadblock.  If you are not in good standing with the Feds, expect a night in jail.... or as the Patriot Acts states, "Be held indefinitely without trial."     

About the Prophets
The brotherhood of the Templar prophets grew out of the Jesus People revolution in the late 1960's as Shiloh Ministry in Eugene Oregon (1968), Lighthouse Ranch in Eureka California (1970) and the Pilgrims in Hawaii (1971) which were counter culture communities all founded by Ken Smith who was a prophet, teacher and apostle.  We are basically a "Lone Wolf" brotherhood of bikers who meet periodically for the Holy Days and events when possible.
I am the son of Ken Smith and was called by YHWH at age 13 in Oregon on Mount Zion to be a prophet in these end times.  I learned brotherhood and community growing up in Jesus Freak communes.  I have ridden a bike since 1968 and now it seems a prophetic brotherhood has evolved into a biker culture of nomadic bike rid'n Jesus freaks who like the retro military look as the knights of YHWH and ride as Lone Wolf's on the open road.. 

I have inherited my bikers vest from my dad who is now 84 - God Bless him!.  We follow the Laws of God and honor freedom before we follow any of the Laws of Men.  As time progresses, we believe all Constitutionalists and true Christians will be marked as Outlaws and Terrorists by the emerging Corporate Federalist US government..  As the globalist world progresses, this polarization will become more severe between us and a  tyrannical shadow government who will in due time suspend the US Constitution under Martial Law.  We are already under Stage One of Martial Law in the US due to the so-called Patriot Acts and the many Presidential Executive Orders.

Rise of the 7th Legion
Recently I had a dream of the rise of the 7th Legion of Rome that is mixed historically with the Royal House of David, the Templars and the Kingdom of Calalus in America that ruled in the South West between 750-1000 AD.   It is from this inspiration in truth and honor that we believe many rival outlaw biker clubs across America will one day work together because "the enemy of my enemy is my friend."  The cross to the right was carried in America in circa 1000 AD by the Knights of Calalus near Tuscan.  Yes... modern historians have been telling you lies all of your life about America being isolated from Europe. Most who are becoming this new breed of knight are bikers with a commitment to mobility, justice, honor, brotherhood and obedience to God with little concern for social constraints.

Two Survival Books Out in March
Our brotherhood as of the Sons of Prophets has now two 300 page books published that describes our mission and beliefs.  We have been told by an angel of YHWH that judgment will come upon America in mid March so get these how-to survival books before the SHTF.  Since this time has passed, we now wait to see what this actually means in day to day affairs.  For our books, go to:
In this just published book of Prophets series, it explains how the real NT church in Jerusalem was organized around prophets and not hireling pastors and bishops. It further provides over 125 dreams, visions and prophecies about the end times and what you must do to prepare for the soon coming complete collapse of American society.  It finally offers a well thought out solution to surviving the coming global economic collapse.

If you are to survive, you must rethink your bug-out and prepper strategies.  Holding up in a bunker or home will be deadly and suicidal with the kind of weapons available to NWO/UN military forces.  Your AK 47's will be out gunned by attack helicopters, armored vehicles and missiles.  We do have a book out as the Field Manual that provides an alternative should you seek to take up arms against an internal invading force who threatens the liberties of the US Constitution.  We do not directly encourage this action.

Mobility and food will remain the primary concern for survival in staying one step ahead of the gang marauders and NWO/UN military forces who will be confiscating your food, energy and other assets as they need them. The true biker culture is a nomadic culture by nature that is not as easily effected by this threat in that they can within minutes, be gone from a location that has come under a threat of being overrun by hostile forces.      


In explanation, there is a gift of prophecy that comes and goes as the Holy Spirit leads in the life of all Christians.  There is also a 'setting apart' of individuals who are called as prophets.  These men and women receive direct communication from YHWH through his Holy Spirit often to be delivered to an individual or people group.

Prophecy may come in the form of a premonition that we put into words often called prophecy or as visions in seeing events unfold before us while awake or in dreams while asleep. The scriptures tells us that YHWH will not do anything in the world unless he first tells it to his prophets.    

False Prophets

There is no other time in history when the need for trained prophets coming from a Hebrew-Christian School of the Prophets is needed to lead and warn all true believers of what is coming upon the world in these end times.  As I consider many who claim to be prophets who are saying that "all is well and that the believing Christian will be blessed by God with abundance and prosperity", I can only gag with the error of this message.  
Anyone claiming to be a prophet and teaching prosperity at this time in history is a false prophet.  Anyone receiving money by bringing prophecy to others is a false prophet. Anyone saying "all is well" and "do not be concerned" is a false prophet.  
The hereditary history and mission of the Knight Templars is in the family line of one of our members

Anyone claiming to be a prophet but has continuing unconfessed sin in their lives is a false prophet.  Anyone who has not reconciled their unethical or immoral offenses against others in their past is a false prophet. 

We are entering the warning spoken in  Matthew 24 as given to us by Y'Shua who said in the last days, heavy persecution will come and many saints will be martyred before his return.      

Messianic Seal of Y'Shua from first centuryOrigin of the Sons
The origin of the Prophets as a brotherhood dates back to Moses and then to Abraham.  By the time of Samuel the mission of the 'Sons of Prophets' also called the School of the prophets was fully set.  

The prophet Samuel in Israel anointed Saul as the first King of Judah who then openly disobeyed YHWH and was removed from kingship.  He then anointed David to be King of both Israel (10 tribes) and Judah.  Samuel then at the dying advice of King David anointed Solomon as King who reigned with much wisdom and much compromise.  

Migration to British Isles
By the time of the Prophet Jeremiah when  Israel was being conquered by Babylon due to their sins, Jeremiah transplanted a line of the Sons of Prophets into Ireland in circa 500 BC. Sadly, this school lost its way with the influence of the Druids but then many schools repented and returned to the holy path with the coming of Messiah Y'Shua with more schools being founded in the British Isles beginning with Glastonbury as the first in the Christian era in circa 38 AD.

This line today preserves the blood line of King David through James the Just, the brother of Y'Shua 
as described in the Book of Acts of the Bible. The last members of this prophetic community of David in Jerusalem (the Jerusalem mother church)  finally escaped Roman occupation in Jerusalem by 134 AD due to the Bar Kochba rebellion when Rome drove out all Jews including Hebrew Christians who were not also Roman citizens.    These Hebrew Christian disciples went into exile scattered to different parts of the globe with many migrating to the British Isles.

We as a remnant of these early Celtic-Hebrew Christians continue by enjoying the Sabbath rest and in honor of the teachings of the many prophets of the Old Testament.  We honor Y'Shua as our High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek and adhere to the teachings of the sent ones (Apostles) who have served as Prophets and Teachers having come before us with particular honor for James the Just  and John the Beloved who wrote the Book of Revelation.

Now in America
Since that early time of the first century in the British Isles, the Sons of Prophets were called Culdee which means simply 'Friend of God' or 'Beloved of God' and this Order has continued into modern times.  

Today the Order of the Culdee as led by Mar +David Michael continues within this legacy in training those called to the work of prophecy in teaching them the way and life of a prophet in abandoning the glitter and materialism of this world in order to purify their souls to then be able to hear clearly the voice of the Holy Spirit of YHWH.  


AZ Prophetic Ministries

We continue to become more self-sufficient from New World Order resources as it is possible.  We expect one day to no longer use fossil fuels and resort to alternative energy sources (home made alcohol fuel for our bikes) and animal draft power if needed. 

Contact us at

David "Padre" Smith

David "Padre" continues to live in his sheep herder wagon as he travels from place to place to share the love of Y'Shua and the Words of YHWH to others and to write books about the end times.   

He also holds workshops on mobile Survivalist Village models that mirrors the life style of the original Sons of Prophets in Israel circa 1000 BC.

My Office in Tombstone, Arizona

Our clubhouse "Church" is currently a domed aquaponics greenhouse in Tombstone, AZ.   We also have an office in downtown Tombstone from which we run a chaplaincy outreach to the locals and tourists in Tombstone.  

Our PROPHETS 7 sign at 217 Allen Street in Tombstone AZ where we have a Mission office for the club.  Mission entrance below.  

Bike modified as a desert bike....for Padre

Book below available from

SP100: Introduction to Living as a Prophet
8 Week Online Training Course - Enroll NOW!

    Includes detailed step by step curriculum with personal instruction over 8 weeks of training supported by two 300 page training books with optional travel (additional cost) with Abbot David and prophetic team. Certificate of Completion awarded upon satisfactory completion of the 8 week course.  This is an introductory course on becoming a Prophet in these last days assuming you have been called by YHWH into this ministry.  Book two for this course is being written now  - should be ready within 2 months.  Sign up now to be ready to learn when the course begins!
Pray and ask how much to take this course.

For more information, see course syllabus for SP100, Introduction to the Sons of Prophets

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